The 5 Best Bosch Microwaves for Every Kitchen

Whether you’re equipping your first home kitchen or looking to replace an old or failing microwave, Bosch consistently ranks among the best brands for high-quality, durable appliances that also look great on your countertop. With their signature stainless steel finish and emphasis on precision engineering, Bosch microwaves heat and cook food evenly while lasting for years of regular use.

In this guide, we’ll go in-depth on the top 5 Bosch microwaves that stand out for performance, features, and value. We’ll also give tips on how to select the right Bosch microwave for your needs and budget and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about these appliances. Read on to learn what makes Bosch the premier microwave brand for households that demand both style and substance from their kitchen tools.

The Best Bosch Has to Offer: Our 5 Favorite Microwave Ovens

Bosch engineers their microwave ovens for durability, usability, and optimal cooking results. While there are minor differences between models, any Bosch you choose will likely outlast and outperform cheaper brands. We’ll highlight what sets each of these 5 top options apart.

1. Bosch HMC80251UC: A Smart Microwave for Discerning Cooks

With a large 2.1 cubic feet interior, the HMC80251UC can accommodate most dinner plates and large casserole dishes. It’s an excellent choice for families or those who frequently cook and reheat large portions. Despite the size, its sleek black handles and stainless steel finish create a modern yet understated look.

Intelligent cooking sensors automatically adjust heat and timing to ensure food cooks perfectly without drying out or getting overdone. The HMC80251UC even reads humidity levels and alters power based on the current state of food. You can trust it to defrost, heat up leftovers, and tackle all basic microwave cooking tasks without any babysitting.

Other handy features include a customizable favorites button, LED surface light, and rack for multi-level cooking. With 900 watts of power and 10 variable power levels, it can nuke a plate of food in minutes or gently simmer a stew. Given the balance of size, smarts, and performance, the HMC80251UC is arguably the quintessential Bosch microwave.

2. Bosch HMC87152UC: A Small But Mighty Model

The Bosch HMC87152UC offers microwave power in a compact 1.6 cubic feet frame that fits snugly atop cramped countertops and in small kitchens. Despite the size, it still packs 900 watts of power across 10 adjustable levels. The intelligent sensors match times and power to the food you are cooking for perfect results without drying out or scorching.

This microwave is a minimalist’s dream with a reversible solid black or white door that maintains an understated facade. The simple, intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to use. With a few presets for popcorn, beverages, and reheating, you don’t have to guess at times or power levels for basic tasks.

The 30-second express cooking key comes in handy when you’re just briefly zapping something. Keep in mind that the smaller cavity won’t fit very large plates or dishes. But if you want robust microwave performance without a bulky footprint, the HMC87152UC is a phenomenal choice.

3. Bosch HMC80152UC: Microwave and Convection Oven 2-in-1

For next-level cooking abilities beyond a typical microwave, the HMC80152UC combines speedy microwave heating with a convection oven in one appliance. The European-designed convection system circulates hot air throughout the cavity for quick, even baking, roasting, and browning.

With the power of both convection heat and microwave technology, you can cook an entire meal with just one appliance. The versatile HMC80152UC can bake cinnamon rolls, cookies, or casseroles on convection mode or use the microwave to quickly heat up leftovers and boil water. With convection broiling, it can brown meats and sides simultaneously.

This model matches the sleek aesthetic of other Bosch microwaves with its black stainless steel exterior. Rigorously tested Bosch heating elements, intelligent sensors, and fast cooking speeds provide exceptional performance. If you want a microwave oven that can also step in as a second oven, the HMC80152UC is a worthy contender.

4. Bosch HMC80252UC: A Feature-Packed Upgrade Pick

Home cooks who want all the bells and whistles will appreciate the advanced features bundled into the HMC80252UC. This premium microwave model has a 1.8 cubic feet interior to accommodate most plates, bowls, and pans for family-sized portions.

It shares the same intelligent sensor cooking technology as other Bosch microwaves that automatically adjusts times and power. You’ll get evenly cooked food without any annoying errors.

Some unique highlights include a brilliant full color touchscreen that makes selecting options like defrosting, reheating, or cooking popcorn extremely intuitive. It also enables integration with HomeConnect smart technology to control the microwave from mobile apps and voice assistants.

With wifi connectivity, it can download new software updates directly to the microwave as Bosch releases them. For ambitious cooks who want a versatile, future-proof appliance, the HMC80252UC is a fantastic upgrade.

5. Bosch HMC87352UC: A Smart Countertop or Built-In Microwave

The aptly named Bosch Smart Microwave (HMC87352UC) truly lives up to its name. It takes microwave intelligence and connectivity to the next level for precise, foolproof cooking.

With its HomeConnect smartphone control and cooking app, you can search recipes and send cooking instructions directly to the microwave with just a tap. The full color LCD touchscreen makes adjusting settings and using presets incredibly intuitive.

This microwave takes the guesswork out of defrosting, reheating, popping popcorn, and other everyday tasks. The Auto Cook programs have specialized sensors and algorithms to heat foods perfectly without drying them out.

At 1.6 cubic feet it has ample space for dinner plates and medium-sized pans. The sleek design allows countertop or flush built-in installation. For those looking to upgrade to a smart countertop appliance, the HMC87352UC is a superb choice.

Choosing the Right Bosch Microwave for You

With many quality options available, deciding on the best Bosch microwave depends on matching the right features and capacity to your needs. Keep the following factors in mind when evaluating the options:

  • Size and Capacity: Consider the interior capacity needed based on your dishes and cooking habits. Measure your current microwave turntable and compare dimensions.
  • Power Levels: All Bosch microwaves have 10 adjustable power levels, but maximum (watts) vary. More watts means faster cooking times.
  • Special Functions: Decide if you want added convection, grilling, steam, or air frying abilities beyond standard microwave features.
  • Smart Features: Determine if Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity, mobile control via apps, voice control etc. are worthwhile perks.
  • Price: Bosch microwaves range from $300 to $800+. Compare price to performance to find the best value for your budget.
  • Aesthetics: Bosch exteriors are all stainless steel but finishes, handles, and control panels vary. Choose your preferred look.
  • Intelligent Sensors: Unique to Bosch, these automatically adjust microwave power and times for perfect doneness. It’s a worthwhile feature for foolproof cooking.

Once you’ve narrowed down the ideal size, features, and price range, compare a couple “finalists” head-to-head to make the right Bosch model choice for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bosch Microwaves

Bosch microwaves consistently top best-of lists and owner satisfaction ratings thanks to their durability, performance, and features. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about these appliances.

What size turntable do Bosch microwaves have?

Bosch turntable sizes match the interior capacity ranging from 12.4 to 16.5 inches. Always check your cookware fits before purchasing.

How durable and reliable are Bosch microwaves?

All Bosch appliances are engineered for long-lasting performance with quality materials and components. With proper care, expect over 5 years of reliable service.

What safety features do Bosch microwaves have?

Bosch microwaves have child safety locks, door safety systems, temperature limiters, and other mechanisms to prevent hazards.

How intuitive are the controls on Bosch microwaves?

From tactile buttons to touchpads and LCD screens, Bosch microwaves feature easy preset functions and clear labeling for simple use.

How easy is it to clean Bosch microwave interiors?

Bosch microwaves use durable stainless steel that resists stains and splatters. Non-stick interiors allow food residue to be wiped away easily.

What type of warranty do Bosch microwaves come with?

Bosch provides a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty covering repair costs for defects and malfunctions. Extended warranties are also available.

Do all Bosch microwaves have grilling and convection functions?

Not all Bosch models have these bonus modes. Compare specifications if you require more than just standard microwave heating abilities.

What accessories come included with Bosch microwaves?

Most Bosch microwaves include a glass turntable, turntable ring assembly, rack, and manual. Higher price points offer more accessories.

Can you mute the beeping on a Bosch microwave?

Yes, Bosch microwaves allow you to mute or adjust the volume of control panel beeps and alerts. Check the owner’s manual for instructions.

How energy efficient are Bosch microwaves?

Bosch microwaves meet Energy Star ratings for using less power than conventional models during normal operation and standby.

Shop Smarter for Your Next Microwave with Bosch

Reliability, intuitive controls, high-tech sensors, and sleek style are hallmarks of Bosch appliance design. Their microwave ovens consistently satisfy owners thanks to durable construction, consistent heating, and bonus features like convection and grilling modes on select models. Hopefully this guide has highlighted why Bosch microwaves dominate best-of lists and what key factors to compare as you search for your next microwave.

While you can’t go wrong with any of the 5 models featured here, the HMC80152UC stands out for offering convection baking and broiling in addition to speedy microwave cooking. The HMC87152UC also deserves high marks for packing robust performance in a compact size fitting smaller kitchens. To recap, Bosch microwaves justify their higher price tag with smarter cooking technology, durable parts, and connectivity options not found on budget models. Investing just a bit more gives you an appliance that will heat and cook food perfectly for years of daily use.
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