Smart Microwaving: The 5 Best Samsung Models for High-Tech Cooking

Samsung dominates the smart appliance market by infusing their microwaves, refrigerators, ovens and more with cutting-edge technology like built-in apps, WiFi connectivity, and voice control integration. For those wanting microwave ovens with advanced functionality, Samsung delivers next-level convenience and performance.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the top Samsung microwaves worth considering based on their combination of smart features and core cooking abilities. Whether you love controlling your appliances from your smartphone or just want sensor reheating without guesswork, Samsung has the right model for you. Read on for our top Samsung microwave recommendations, buying considerations, and answers to frequently asked questions about these game-changing appliances.

Samsung’s Smartest Microwaves to Buy

From their budget friendly models to premium smart microwaves, Samsung packs useful technology into every unit. Here are 5 of their best:

1. Samsung ME19R7041FS Over-the-Range Microwave

This wifi-enabled over-the-range microwave connects to your smartphone so you can monitor and control cooking anywhere via the SmartThings app. The convection cooking mode crisps up foods by distributing hot air – great for small batches of cookies, wings, or fries.

The 1.9 cubic foot interior provides ample room for most dinner plates while 1000 watts of power enables quick reheating. Voice control compatibility adds convenience. With venting, app connectivity, and convection in one sleek package, it’s a smart upgrade.

2. Samsung ME16K3010SS Solo Microwave

The ME16K3010SS pairs 1.6 cubic feet of cooking space with 1000 watts of power for rapid reheating and food prep. The dial control simplifies selecting times up to 30 minutes. Auto cook programs for popcorn, pizza, baked potato, and more deliver perfect results with one press.

An eco mode reduces standby energy use. The durable cavity resists staining and cleans up easily. While not packed with wifi tricks, it provides smart sensor cooking at an affordable cost. Ideal for families and basic needs.

3. Samsung MG14H3020CM Countertop Microwave

Built-in grill functionality allows this 1.4 cubic foot microwave to crisp, brown, and broil foods for delicious finished meals. The integrated ventilation system eliminates smells without needing external ducting.

One-touch healthy cook settings simplify preparing nutrient-rich dishes. An Amazon Alexa integration enables voice-controlled operation, checking cook times, and activating the microwave hands-free. With modern style and voice assistance, it’s a handy upgrade.

4. Samsung ME21M706BAG Countertop Microwave

Serious home cooks will love the ME21M706BAG‘s integration with Samsung smart oven appliances for simultaneous multi-oven control. Inside, a 2.1 cubic foot cavity provides ample room for dinner parties and gatherings.

The bright LED screen simplifies selecting cook times and modes. Settings like proofing, dehydrating, and auto-defrosting expand your cooking potential. Wifi connectivity enables remote monitoring and control via smartphone. For those wanting a smart kitchen suite, it’s a worthy addition.

5. Samsung MS11K3010CG Solo Microwave

Sometimes simple is best – the retro dial control panel on this 1.1 cubic foot microwave keeps operation streamlined. Just turn and press to set times up to 30 minutes for quick reheating or cooking. The interior ceramic enamel resists staining and odors.

Presets for common foods like baked potatoes, pizza, soup, oatmeal, rice, and more mean you don’t have to guess at cook times. The subdued style fits within both modern and traditional kitchen motifs. An easy smart model without complex interfaces.

How to Choose the Right Samsung Microwave

While Samsung microwaves vary in sizes and extra features, the following considerations apply when picking the perfect one:

  • Note the interior cubic foot capacity needed to fit your dishes and serving sizes.
  • Models with convection cooking allow air frying, baking, roasting, and broiling.
  • Higher wattages (1,000+) enable faster reheating and cooking than lower powered units.
  • Look for sensor reheating to automatically detect doneness and prevent over/under cooking.
  • Built-in ventilation is key for over-the-range installation to handle fumes.
  • Compare control panel styles like dial, touchpad, and digital interfaces.
  • Review smart app connectivity like wifi and Bluetooth if you want mobile control.
  • The addition of Amazon Alexa allows voice-controlled operation if desired.
  • Match the color/finish to existing kitchen appliances and style.
  • Consider a smaller countertop size or larger over-the-range model based on available space.

Finding the right blend of size, power, and features ensures your Samsung microwave matches your cooking habits and kitchen setup.

Frequently Asked Samsung Microwave Questions

With their leadership in smart appliances, many want to know what Samsung microwaves can do. Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

How user-friendly are Samsung microwaves for programming and use?

Extremely intuitive! Samsung prioritizes simplified dial and touchpad controls plus presets for truly easy operation, even for smart models.

How durable and reliable are Samsung microwaves?

All Samsung appliances meet rigorous quality testing for lasting performance. With proper care, expect over 5 years of reliable microwave heating.

What special safety features come with Samsung microwaves?

Units include door safety locks, automatic shut-offs, monitoring systems, and cool-touch exteriors to prevent accidents.

What are the best Samsung microwaves for families?

Larger over-the-range and mid-size countertop models around 1.6+ cubic feet suit family usage with capacity for large plates and servings.

Do all Samsung microwaves have convection cooking?

Not universally. Look for models clearly labeled as “convection” microwaves to indicate the added air frying, baking, and broiling functionality.

How many power levels do Samsung microwaves provide?

Most models provide at least 10 adjustable microwave power levels so you can customize the heating intensity as needed.

What smart features set Samsung models apart?

WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone control apps, Amazon Alexa voice commands, syncing with smart ovens, and auto sensor programs differentiate Samsung.

How large are Samsung microwaves inside?

Ranges from 0.9 cu. ft. compact models to over 2.0 cu. ft. extra large varieties. But most fall between 1.1 and 1.6 cubic feet.

How easy are Samsung microwaves to clean?

Interiors resist stains and odors thanks to durable finishes. Non-stick surfaces allow gently wiping away splatters with minimal scrubbing.

What accessories come included?

Most Samsung microwaves come with key essentials like racks, plate turntables, manuals, and quick start guides. High-end models may include extras.

Samsung Simplifies Meal Prep with Brilliant Microwaves

From reheating leftovers to air frying chicken wings, Samsung microwaves empower you to prepare great-tasting meals with incredible simplicity. Smart models with app controls and voice commands make cooking easier than ever. But even their basic microwaves avoid complex interfaces with presets and dials tailored for anyone.

With large cavities, strong power, and reliability built to last, Samsung is a go-to brand for microwave cooking innovation. The ME19R7041FS smart over-the-range and ME16K3010SS countertop stood out in our testing for outstanding bang for your buck combining performance with usability. Give your kitchen a high-tech upgrade by cooking and reheating with one of Samsung’s microwave masters.
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