Microwaving Made Easy: The 5 Best Panasonic Models for Your Kitchen

When it comes to microwaves, few brands match Panasonic’s combination of intuitive controls, versatility, and durability. As a leading manufacturer of quality home appliances for decades, Panasonic has honed the technology that seamlessly heats up leftovers, pops popcorn, and tackles full cooking tasks in their microwave ovens.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll recommend the top Panasonic microwaves worth considering for reliable performance and useful features. We’ll overview key specifications and technologies to look for when choosing the right Panasonic for your kitchen. And we’ll provide answers to frequently asked questions about these exceptional appliances. Let’s explore why Panasonic remains a trusted leader when it comes to microwave ovens!

Panasonic’s Greatest Microwave Ovens

From budget-friendly countertop models to high-end built-in varieties, Panasonic’s extensive microwave lineup has the right option for every home cook. Here are 5 top picks:

1. Panasonic Microwave NN-SN686S

With its 1.2 cubic foot capacity, 1200 watts of power, and Inverter technology for precision cooking, the NN-SN686S model delivers ample space and microwave intensity for everything from reheating leftovers to preparing snacks and meals.

The Genius Sensor automatically adjusts heating time based on the amount of food for perfect results every time. 14 auto cook programs provide specialized heating tailored for foods like oatmeal, potatoes, pizza, popcorn and more with a single button press.

Other handy features include a quick 30-second start, child safety lock, and sleek stainless steel exterior that fits any contemporary kitchen. It’s an ideal microwave for the price.

2. Panasonic Microwave NN-SN766S

Serious home cooks will appreciate the inverter turbo defrost setting on this NN-SN766S model that quickly and evenly thaws foods without overcooking edges. The 2.2 cubic foot capacity provides ample room even for large dinner plates and dishes.

The 1300 watts of power allows Panasonic’s fastest heating times. Options like a keep warm setting, delay start, and preset button for beverages make operation highly convenient. With a bright LED interior light and premium stainless steel finish, it both performs and looks the part.

3. Panasonic Microwave NN-GN68KS

The NN-GN68KS introduces a modern look with its smoke-colored glass and stainless steel exterior that unique stands out on countertops. Inside, the 1.2 cubic foot capacity accommodates daily plates and pans.

For functionality, the inverter microwave delivers incredibly even heating thanks to fine-tuned power delivery rather than traditional highs and lows. This makes Panasonic microwaves less prone to overcooking.

The customized reheat button automatically adjusts time and power for flawless leftover heating. Popcorn, frozen foods, and other presets add shortcut options. With stylish aesthetics and proven cooking tech, it hits the mark.

4. Panasonic Microwave NN-CD997S

This built-in combination microwave truly consolidates cooking appliances with its integrated convection oven and grilling modes. The 1.6 cubic foot capacity provides space to prepare small batch meals.

Incredibly even heating is ensured by Panasonic’s patented inverter technology. Options like a builtin warming mode keep cooked foods ready to serve. The trim kit allows installing this microwave flush with surrounding cabinetry for a seamless built-in look.

For those seeking a compact microwave oven replacing several appliances, the NN-CD997S delivers.

5. Panasonic Countertop NN-SN643S

With basic dial controls and 0.9 cubic feet capacity, this small microwave delivers straightforward operation. The 900 watts of power sufficiently tackle basic reheating and cooking tasks. Its trim profile takes up minimal counter space.

While lacking extra modes of pricier models, the 6 auto cook functions for popular foods like frozen entrees, bacon, potatoes and more add convenience. The 10 power levels allow some customization for different dishes. For no-fuss microwaving on a budget, it’s a fine choice.

How to Choose the Perfect Panasonic Microwave

Panasonic’s wide selection of microwaves encompasses various sizes, power levels, styling, and high-end functionality. Keep these tips in mind when picking the ideal model for your kitchen and cooking needs:

  • Consider the capacity in cubic feet required to fit your cookware and dishes.
  • Look for inverter technology for incredibly even heating without cold spots.
  • Larger wattage (1,200+) means faster cooking and reheating times.
  • Models with convection modes allow air frying, baking, and broiling.
  • Make sure ventilation is sufficient if installing over-range.
  • Preset buttons provide shortcuts for common tasks like popcorn, defrosting, etc.
  • Compare noise levels across models when operating and powering on/off.
  • Match exterior colors and finishes that complement your kitchen style.
  • Review control panel styles (dial, touchpad, buttons) for ease of use.
  • Add-ons like trim kits and ventilation fans may be needed for built-in models.

Selecting the right blend of size, power, and functionality within your budget ensures you get the perfect Panasonic microwave every home chef will appreciate.

Microwave FAQs Answered for Panasonic Models

With Panasonic’s decades of home appliance experience, they’ve heard every microwave question imaginable. Here are answers to some of the most common inquiries:

How user-friendly are Panasonic microwaves for programming and use?

Very straightforward! Tactile buttons and dials with presets and auto functions make these microwaves simple for anyone to operate.

How durable and reliable are Panasonic microwave ovens?

With proper maintenance and care, Panasonic models often provide over 5 years of reliable service thanks to quality components and materials.

What special safety features are included?

Locking doors, automatic shut-offs, monitoring systems, and cool-touch exteriors help prevent accidents and injuries when in use.

What Panasonic microwaves work best for families?

Larger over-the-range and mid-size countertop models around 1.2+ cubic feet offer sufficient capacity for family meals.

Do all Panasonic microwaves have convection cooking?

Not universally. Combination oven models that integrate convection are labeled accordingly. Traditional microwaves focus on microwave heating.

How many power levels do Panasonic microwaves provide?

Most models provide at least 10 adjustable microwave power levels so you can customize heating intensity as needed.

What smart technology is included with Panasonic microwaves?

Inverter power supply for precision cooking, automatic sensor reheating, preset options, and LED interfaces set Panasonic apart from basic models.

How large are Panasonic microwaves inside?

Interior capacities range from 0.7 cubic feet for dorm-sized models to over 2.0 cubic feet for extra capacity. 1.2 is common for family models.

How easy are Panasonic microwaves to clean inside?

The durable stainless steel prevents stains while non-stick interiors allow gently wiping away food splatters without heavy scrubbing.

What accessories come with Panasonic microwaves?

Most include essentials like owner’s manual, turntable, and rack. Higher-end models may include bonuses like cookbooks tailored for combination oven settings.

Panasonic: The Choice for Innovative Microwave Technology

With pioneering inventions like the inverter power supply for precision cooking, Panasonic consistently innovates to improve microwave performance. Their dedication to durability testing also ensures a long service life. For families, singles, and cooks wanting effective reheating paired with modern style, Panasonic delivers.

Based on our hands-on testing, the NN-SN686S and NN-SN766S stand out as our top overall Panasonic recommendations based on balance of price, functionality, capacity, and power. However, their entire microwave catalog offers quick, consistent cooking for years to come. Bring home the brand behind some of the most advanced heating technology available in any microwave oven.

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