Microwaving Made Easy: The 5 Best GE Microwaves for Your Kitchen

When shopping for a new microwave, GE consistently tops best-of lists for its combination of user-friendly controls, versatile cooking modes, and reasonable pricing. As one of the pioneers of microwave technology, GE has decades of expertise optimizing the user experience and performance of its models.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share our picks for the top GE microwaves to consider. We’ll overview key features and specs to look for when choosing the right GE for your kitchen. And we’ll provide answers to frequently asked questions about GE microwaves to help you invest in the perfect appliance. Let’s explore why GE remains a trusted leader in microwaves!

GE’s Greatest Hits: Top Microwave Oven Models

From budget-friendly basics to high-tech smart models, GE’s extensive microwave lineup has options for every home cook. Here are 5 standout picks:

1. GE JES1656SRSS Smart Microwave

The brilliantly named GE Smart Microwave certainly lives up to its moniker. The WiFi enabled JES1656SRSS connects to your smartphone so you can control cooking from anywhere via the GE App. The app also provides hundreds of recipes with instructions that automatically program into the microwave.

Inside, a 1.6 cubic feet capacity easily fits standard dinner plates while a 300 CFM venting system eliminates steam and odors. The 10 power levels allow you to precisely tailor heating intensity. GE’s scan-to-cook bar code technology allows you to microwave frozen foods to package instructions. For next-level convenience, it’s hard to beat the GE Smart.

2. GE JNM3163RJSS Advantium Microwave

The GE Advantium JNM3163RJSS combines speedy microwave power with halogen lighting and convection cooking for incredible results across a multitude of recipes from steaks to cakes. With the ability to bake, toast, broil, and reheat, this versatile GE functions as a second oven.

1200 watts of microwave power provide rapid reheating. The easy-set oven controls walk you through combinations of microwave, convection, and broiling to cook foods 2-4 times faster than a standard oven. Plus, the 1.6 cubic feet capacity accommodates most dinnerware. An ideal “do-it-all” appliance.

3. GE JES1145SHSS Budget-Friendly Basic

For a dependable microwave at an affordable cost, the JES1145SHSS delivers on essential features. The 1.1 cubic feet capacity sufficiently fits smaller plates and leftovers. At 950 watts, it provides sufficient power for quick heating and reheating.

The quickly set control knob allows easy programming of times up to 30 minutes. A handy mute function silences annoying beeps. While not as high-tech as pricier GE’s, the JES1145SHSS gives you the pure microwaving power you need on a budget.

4. GE PEM31SFSS Profile Countertop Microwave

Sleek style and smudge-resistant surfaces set the GE Profile PEM31SFSS apart. The easy-clean stainless finish resists fingerprints and splatters to maintain its refined look. The smoothly finished interior also makes wiping away messes simple.

For cooking, sensor reheating automatically adjusts times and power based on your food’s current state. The multi-stage cooking function allows programming for defrosting followed by microwaving or other sequences. Steam cook settings make it easy to prepare moist, delicious fish and vegetables. At 1.1 cubic feet with 1000 watts, performance also impresses.

5. GE JVM6175EKES 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave

For a built-in microwave added above your cooktop, GE’s JVM6175EKES delivers handy capabilities in a sleek package. The 1.7 cubic feet capacity provides ample room for dinner plates and dishes. Venting power up to 400 CFM effectively removes smoke, steam, and odors.

The auto and time defrost settings simplify thawing foods for meals or baking. Sensor cooking and reheating eliminate guessing. A night light and convenient cooking timer make this built-in model highly useful. Stainless with black accents gives it style to match any contemporary kitchen.

Choosing Your Ideal GE Microwave

GE’s extensive microwave selection encompasses models in all price ranges and sizes. Keep these tips in mind when picking the right one:

  • Consider the capacity needed in cubic feet based on your household and dishes.
  • Look for microwaves with smart sensor technology to automatically detect and adapt to what you’re cooking.
  • Models with convection cooking provide air frying, baking, and broiling options beyond microwaving alone.
  • Check if your kitchen has proper ventilation for over-the-range models that require ducting.
  • Note power in watts as higher means faster reheating. Most GE models provide 900-1200 watts.
  • Extra modes like defrosting, popcorn, steaming, give added convenience.
  • Review the control interface whether dial, buttons, or touchpad. Is it intuitive?
  • With kids around, safety lock features are worthwhile for peace of mind.
  • For high-traffic kitchens, fingerprint-resistant stainless models simplify cleaning.
  • Compare warranties on parts, magnetrons, and labor across models. More is better!

By balancing size, power, and functionality with thoughtful design, GE microwaves aim to please every home chef. Take time to measure your space and assess cooking needs before choosing.

Microwave FAQs Answered for GE Models

GE’s decades in the microwave business means they’ve heard every product question imaginable. Here are answers to some of the most common GE microwave inquiries:

How user-friendly are GE microwaves for programming and use?

Very! GE prioritizes simplified dial, touchpad, and button controls with presets and auto functions for reheating, defrosting, popcorn and more. Newer models with WiFi and apps take ease of use even further.

How reliable and durable are GE microwaves?

With careful use and cleaning, GE models often last over 5 years with some reaching 10+ of service. GE tests components like magnetrons extensively for longevity.

What special safety features are included?

Locking doors, temperature monitoring, auto shut-offs, and child safety locks prevent accidents and overheating. GE tests all units thoroughly for safety.

What are the best GE models for families?

Larger over-the-range and mid-size countertop models around 1.6+ cubic feet suit families best with capacity for large plates and servings. Models with convection cooking also work well.

Do all GE microwaves include convection modes?

Not universally. Many focus specifically on microwave heating. Look for models labeled “Advantium” or with “convection” in the title or product descriptions indicating these added modes.

How many power levels do GE microwaves provide?

Most GE models allow choosing from 10 adjustable microwave power levels to precisely tailor heating intensity as needed. High-end models may have specialized inverter technology for more precise power tuning.

What smart features come with GE microwaves?

Newer GE microwaves have scan-to-cook bar code readers, connectivity to smartphones through WiFi and the GE app for remote control, automatic sensor reheating, and more.

How large are GE microwaves on the inside?

Interior cubic feet capacities range from 0.7 cu. ft. oncompact models to over 2 cu. ft. on the largest. 1.6-1.8 is common for mid-size countertop models sufficient for most households.

How easy are GE microwave interiors to clean?

GE uses durable, non-porous finishes that allow gently wiping food debris and splatters away without heavy scrubbing. Some models also include steam clean modes.

What accessories are included with GE microwaves?

Most come with basics like owner’s manuals, rotatable turntables or racks, and guides for using each cooking mode. High-end models may include bonus items like cookware compatible with specialized modes.

Microwaving Made Simple with GE

Despite fancy new finishes and high-tech features, GE never loses sight of designing microwaves for easy, dependable performance decade after decade. Their pioneering engineering in the appliance category shines through in models benefiting families, cooks, and anyone wanting mealtime convenience.

Based on GE microwaves we’ve tested and researched, the GE Smart Microwave JES1656SRSS stands out for its brilliant WiFi connectivity and remote app control. However, workhorse models like the JES1145SHSS also deserve acclaim for providing essential reheating and cooking at affordable prices.

With the buying advice in this guide, you can discover your perfect match among GE’s extensive microwave catalog. Bring home convenience, style, and intuitive controls with one of these top-rated models soon. GE microwaves will remove the guesswork from meal prep for years to come!

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