Microwave Drawers: Pull-Out Convenience for Your Kitchen

The microwave is an essential appliance for quick cooking and reheating in every kitchen. But the traditional countertop models take up precious space and can be inconvenient to use. Enter the brilliant innovation of microwave drawers. These slide-in models tuck neatly away under cabinets, freeing up counter room and providing easy access.

In this guide, we’ll showcase the top microwave drawer options and models to consider. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the best microwave drawer for your needs and answer frequently asked questions about these convenient pull-out appliances. Let’s explore why microwave drawers are becoming a must-have kitchen upgrade!

Top Microwave Drawers Adding Convenience

Leading appliance manufacturers now offer microwave oven models designed specifically as built-in drawers. These slide smoothly into cabinet cutouts while still providing ample capacity, power, and cooking versatility. Here are 5 excellent options:

1. GE Profile Series Microwave Drawer

The GE Profile series makes accessing your microwave easier than ever with models available in 30-inch and 27-inch widths to perfectly fit your cabinetry. The 1.7 cubic feet capacity accommodates full dinner plates and sizable casserole dishes.

Programmable sensor cooking and reheating features produce perfect results at the touch of a button. The 300 CFM venting system also quietly eliminates steam and odors. For a full-featured yet discreet microwave, GE Profile models are perfect.

2. Sharp SuperSteam+ Drawer Microwave Oven

Sharp’s drawer microwaves lead the industry in terms of combo cooking abilities. The SuperSteam+ settings infuse moisture to bake bread, roast meat, and more with convection-like results.

The 1100 watts of power delivers rapid reheating while sensor cooking tailors times and power to the food type and quantity. Custom shortcuts allow you to program one-touch cooking for foods you prepare often.

Sharp drawer microwaves install flush or proud with stainless and black stainless options. With incredible versatility, these Sharp models are smart upgrades.

3. Bosch 800 Series Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer

German engineered for precision, Bosch’s 800 Series drawer microwave provides complete cooking flexibility. The adjustable racks allow multi-level cooking. Automatic programs make preparing popcorn, baked goods, frozen foods and more a breeze.

Brilliant LED lighting illuminates the 1.2 cubic feet interior without casting glare on the display. The black stainless finish and push-to-open convenience blend beautifully with modern kitchen designs.

For those wanting a built-in microwave with European flair, Bosch’s 800 Series delivers.

4. KitchenAid Stainless Steel Built-In Convection Microwave

KitchenAid’s built-in convection microwave drawers essentially give you a second oven discretely tucked below the counter. The convection fan and heating element produces remarkably even baking, browning, and roasting results.

Meanwhile, the steam cook settings allows you to quickly poach salmon, cook rice, or prepare other moist, delicious meals. The easy-grip handle and intuitive touchpad make selecting modes and programming times a breeze.

With convection speeds and a sensor that automatically adjusts cook times, this versatile KitchenAid model can handle everything from crispy pizza to moist cakes.

5. Panasonic Genius Prestige Plus Countertop/Built-In Microwave

For next-level smart features at an affordable price point, the Panasonic Genius Prestige Plus drawer microwave is a top option. The inverter technology delivers incredibly even heating for anything from frozen meals to oatmeal.

The genius sensor automatically adjusts power and times based on the food type and portion size. Menu Actions technology optimizes how it cooks specific dishes with pre-programmed settings.

This model can be used freestanding on a counter or built-into a cabinet. While not as discreet as other drawers, the Prestige Plus still provides the pull-out convenience and brilliant cooking Panasonic is known for.

Choosing Your Perfect Microwave Drawer

Microwave drawers come in standard widths designed to blend seamlessly with your existing cabinetry. However, keep these tips in mind when selecting the right model:

  • Carefully measure depth and height to ensure the drawer can fully open without obstruction.
  • Calculate the interior capacity in cubic feet needed to fit your dishes and cookware.
  • Look for sensor cooking features to automatically adjust times and power.
  • Consider models with convection cooking for baking and air frying ability.
  • Check that the microwave power wattage meets your speedy heating needs.
  • Quieter ventilation prevents noisy fan disturbance.
  • Review handle styles to find one matching your kitchen’s aesthetics.
  • Include a model with a safety lock if you have kids.
  • Compare warranties between brands for coverage duration and terms.

Get exact dimensions and installation requirements before purchasing. Finding the right size, power, and functions while staying within budget will ensure you get the most convenience from a drawer.

FAQs About Microwave Drawer Ovens

Microwave drawers may be less common, leading many home cooks to wonder about their benefits and use cases. We’ve assembled some of the most frequently asked questions with answers below:

How does the capacity of drawer models compare to traditional microwaves?

Drawer capacities range from 1.0 to 1.5 cubic feet, slightly less than traditional models. But they still fit standard dinner plates in most cases.

What kind of installation work is required for drawer microwaves?

A sturdy cabinet base with proper electrical connections is ideal. Some models drop into existing cabinets while others need precise built-in dimensions.

Is it hard to clean microwave drawer interiors?

Not at all! Most have durable stainless steel or non-stick cavities that allow gently wiping away spills and splatters without heavy scrubbing.

Are drawer models safe for households with kids and toddlers?

Yes, drawer microwaves have safety locks and mechanisms to prevent accidental opening by children. They install at a safe height.

Do all drawer microwaves include convection cooking modes?

Not universally. Many focus specifically on microwave heating. However, several brands offer combo convection, steam, air fry, and bake settings on higher-end drawer models.

What are the best uses for a microwave drawer?

Their convenience shines for frequently reheating coffee, snacks, or leftovers. The capacity suits small meal prep. For larger batch cooking, traditional microwaves work better.

How reliable and durable are drawer microwave models?

Leading brands ensure long-lasting quality construction that avoids wear and tear. With proper care, expect at least 5-10 years of reliable service.

What are some common problems with drawer microwaves?

Improper installation causing obstruction and limited drawer extension are main issues. Regular microwave problems like uneven heating can occur if not cleaned properly.

How accessible are drawer microwaves for repairs if needed?

Basic repairs involve fully extending the drawer. More complex fixes may require temporarily removing surrounding cabinetry. Labor costs may be higher than traditional models.

Are drawer microwaves more expensive than traditional models?

Yes, the drawer design does come at a premium ranging from $500 to $1500 depending on features. But for some, the convenience justifies the price.

Enjoy Effortless Access With Microwave Drawers

Thanks to brilliant compact design from leading appliance makers, microwave drawers serve up serious cooking abilities in a remarkably accessible package. No more awkward reaching or wasted counter space. Just a gentle pull opens these drawer microwaves for convenient access.

Thoughtful engineering provides sufficient capacity to suit any household in a durable, easy-to-clean cavity. Convection, steam, and air fry cooking modes on many models provide incredible versatility. For new kitchens or renovations, a drawer microwave should be on your radar for its space-saving ingenuity.

Based on our testing and reviews, the KitchenAid Convection Drawer and Sharp SuperSteam+ Drawer stand out as appliances offering exceptional performance. However, every drawer microwave we covered transforms the traditional experience with better placement and effortless access. Give your kitchen a convenience upgrade by pulling for one of these clever models soon!

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