Kitchen Upgrade Made Easy: How to Shop for the Perfect Range Hood at The Range Hood Store

Is it time to finally replace that old, noisy range hood that barely vents your stove? Shopping for a new range hood can be overwhelming with so many brands, technical specs, and installation factors to consider.

The good news is that The Range Hood Store makes selecting the ideal model for your kitchen incredibly simple. As the premier online destination for finding top-quality range hoods, The Range Hood Store carries all the best brands and most popular styles.

This guide will cover how to shop The Range Hood Store’s extensive selection like a pro. Read on for tips on picking the perfect range hood, recommendations on bestselling models carried by the store, and answers to common buying questions.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Range Hood from The Range Hood Store

While The Range Hood Store stocks every type of high-performing range hood you could need, keep these key criteria in mind while shopping their selection:

Determine the right range hood type for your kitchen. Island mount, wall-mount chimney, under-cabinet, downdraft, insert etc. The Range Hood Store categorizes by type to simplify finding options that fit your cooktop and layout.

Measure your existing space carefully. Note the height, width, and depth of where you’ll install the range hood. It should cover the entire cooktop surface width. Standard install height is 18-30 inches above the cooktop or stove burners. This ensures proper ventilation.

Calculate the needed airflow (CFM). CFM indicates the venting power. For average home kitchens, look for 300-400 CFM. Larger, commercial-style kitchens need 500+ CFM for sufficient smoke and odor removal.

Pick ducted or ductless ventilation. Ducted range hoods route air outside but require ductwork installation. Ductless models recirculate through filters – a good choice for homes without existing ducts.

Compare noise ratings. Look for quieter range hoods rated below 6-8 sones. Higher CFM means louder fans, but many models have noise reduction technology.

Check filter types. Most have baffle or mesh grease filters. Dishwasher safe, easy to remove filters that don’t need frequent replacing are most convenient.

5 Top-Rated Range Hoods from The Range Hood Store

Ready to select an amazing new range hood for your cooking space upgrade? Here are 5 bestselling winners carried by The Range Hood Store:

1. Zephyr Typhoon AK2100BS – Curved Wall-Mount with 1100 CFM

This popular Zephyr model offers whisper quiet 3.5 sone operation and a remote control. The 1100 CFM delivers excellent airflow, while the intuitive touch controls simplify use. Baffle filters and a 3-speed fan maximize convenience.

2. Cosmo QS75 – Convertible Range Hood with 750 CFM

The Cosmo QS75 provides great versatility – use as ductless or ducted. With contemporary styling, dishwasher safe mesh filters, a 3-speed fan, and bright LED lighting, it’s a great dual mode option at an affordable price point.

3. Cavaliere SV218Z2 – Commercial-Grade 1200 CFM Range Hood

Serious home chefs require serious ventilation! With 1200 CFM, 4-speed motor, halogen lighting, and tempered glass, this stainless range hood moves air like a high-end restaurant model. The removable filters simplify cleaning. It’s pricey but powerful.

4. Broan QS130SS – 130 CFM Allure Budget Range Hood

This very affordable Broan range hood in stainless steel still provides 130 CFM airflow – plenty for smaller kitchens. The protective lamp lens and dishwasher safe filters make it practical. Great for first apartments or as a secondary cooking area vent.

5. Primo Oval 900 – Unique Oval Island Mount with 900 CFM

This futuristic oval-shaped range hood makes a artistic statement while providing great 900 CFM ventilation. The island mount design, intuitive touch screen controls, and included remote add convenience. Perfect for modern kitchen designs.

Answers to Common Range Hood Buying Questions

Here are quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about shopping for range hoods:

What CFM level is best?
For average home kitchens, look for 300-400 CFM range hoods. Larger kitchens require 500+ CFM for sufficient ventilation.

What are the best brands sold by The Range Hood Store?
Top brands carried include Zephyr, Broan, Cavaliere, Cosmo, Primo, AKDY, Futuro, Zehnder, and more industry leaders.

What is a convertible range hood?
Convertible models allow switching between ductless and ducted ventilation using interchangeable parts. Provides helpful flexibility.

How much does The Range Hood Store charge for shipping?
Standard shipping is free on all orders over $99. Expedited shipping is available for an added cost.

Does The Range Hood Store offer expert installation?
They don’t provide installation services, but have helpful overview videos and tips on their website to guide DIY range hood installation.

Your Kitchen Deserves a Quality Range Hood

Upgrading your kitchen with a superior range hood from The Range Hood Store makes cooking at home more comfortable and enjoyable.

Use this guide to determine your required CFM, features, and budget. Check out top brands and customer reviews. And remember – The Range Hood Store’s extensive selection makes choosing the perfect model for your needs truly easy.

Here’s to breathing deep and fog-free the next time your culinary skills kick up some steam!
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