Keep the Party Chilled: How to Choose the Best Undercounter Bar Refrigerator

Do you dream of keeping chilled drinks conveniently on hand? Are you planning a home bar area and want refrigeration without sacrificing valuable floor space? The solution is installing an undercounter bar refrigerator.

Integrating seamlessly into your cabinetry, an undercounter bar refrigerator provides easy-access drink storage and chilling right where you need it. This guide will cover the benefits of undercounter bar refrigerators, key buying considerations, recommendations for top-rated models, and answers to frequently asked questions to help you select the perfect one for your needs.

Let’s explore how undercounter bar refrigerators can upgrade your home’s ability to store and chill drinks in style!

Key Factors When Choosing an Undercounter Bar Refrigerator

Undercounter bar refrigerators should meet your drink storage needs while fitting the intended space. Keep these criteria in mind:

  • Measure carefully – width, height, and depth must accommodate undercounter installation. Standard dimensions are 24” W x 33-34” H x 23-24” D.
  • Determine needed capacity – consider number and types of beverages. Sizes range from 3.1 cu ft mini models to 4.9+ cu ft larger capacity.
  • Choose your cooling methodcompressor (more powerful) or thermoelectric (quieter). Compressor is best for frequent use.
  • Mind the temperature range – must properly chill your drinks of choice. Look for units that go down to at least 45°F for beer, wine, and soda.
  • Consider single vs. dual zone – dual zone models allow you to separately control beer and wine storage temperatures.
  • Select door style – glass door showcases contents vs. solid integration into cabinetry.
  • Prioritize adjustable shelving – full-extension glide-out shelves provide versatile storage options.
  • Add interior lighting – LED lighting makes seeing contents easier in undercounter installs.

Here are 5 excellent undercounter bar refrigerators to consider for keeping drinks perfectly chilled:

NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler – Feature-packed 5.9 cu ft model with 126 can capacity, adjustable thermostat, two compartments, slide-out shelves, quiet compressor cooling, and glass door.

Kalamera 24” Beverage Cooler – Sleek 24-inch undercounter unit with 3.4 cu ft capacity, adjustable temperature range down to 34°F, touchscreen controls, interior LED lighting, and reversible door. Can stack or build-in.

NutriChef 15” Mini Refrigerator – Compact 3.1 cu ft model with 85 can capacity. Ideal for smaller tight spaces. Manual dial temperature controls, interior lighting, thermoelectric cooling, slide-out shelves, reversible door.

Daewoo 4.4 cu ft Two-Door Mini Fridge – Affordable option with 120 can capacity. Features separate freezer compartment, dial thermostat, door storage, and reversible door functionality. Great for dorms and offices.

ChefBase Dual Zone 4.9 cu ft – Larger dual compartment model with independent temperature zones to separately chill 61 bottles of wine and 126 cans. Advanced commercial grade design and features.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How much undercounter clearance is needed?
Most models require at least 24 inches width and 34-35 inches height. Measure carefully to ensure fit.

Which is better – compressor or thermoelectric cooling?
Compressors enable more powerful and consistent chilling. But thermoelectric models run more quietly. Assess your needs.

What temperature range works for both wine and beer?
Look for units with an adjustable thermostat down to at least 45°F to properly chill most beers, wines, champagne, and soda.

Is a glass or solid door better?
Glass door allows easily seeing contents. But some may prefer solid door for a more integrated cabinetry look. Personal preference.

How much do undercounter bar refrigerators cost?
Prices range from $300 to over $1000 depending on size, features, brand name, and cooling system. Determine budget.

Store and Chill Drinks with Ease

Adding an undercounter bar refrigerator provides the perfect hidden yet easily accessible way to keep beer, wine, soda and other drinks chilled right where you need them. Use this guide to determine the capacity, size, features, and budget that best meets your needs. Cheers to perfectly chilled beverages anytime!
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