Finding the Perfect Microwave Oven at Walmart – A Buyer’s Guide

Looking to buy a new microwave but feeling overwhelmed by all the options at Walmart? With hundreds of models ranging from $40 to over $400, it can be hard to determine exactly what you need.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when shopping for the ideal microwave oven. We’ve researched Walmart’s top-rated and best-selling microwaves to provide specific recommendations to fit any budget or cooking needs.

Follow these microwave buying tips and you’ll be reheating leftovers, popping popcorn, and preparing meals in your new appliance in no time!

How to Select the Best Microwave for You

Before you start browsing, think about how you plan to use your microwave and what features will benefit you most.

Consider your needs and frequency of use. Are you a college student just needing to reheat leftovers occasionally? Or are you cooking full meals for a family every day? Frequent users may want a higher wattage and larger capacity.

Measure the space where it will go. Note the height, width, and depth of the spot on your counter or built-in space. Check the dimensions of any model you consider to ensure it will fit.

Determine your budget. Microwave prices run the gamut from around $40 for a basic 700-watt unit to over $400 for a high-end smart model. Set a budget cap and stick with models that meet it.

Decide which features and settings you need. At a minimum, you’ll want options to set cook times, power levels, a kitchen timer, turntable, and child lock. You may also want sensor cooking, defrost functions, or keep warm settings.

Compare control panel styles. Most models now use streamlined electronic push-buttons. If you prefer classic dials, there are still options available.

Look for adequate power levels. For regular cooking tasks, you’ll want 800-1,000 watts. Higher wattages around 1,250+ Watts deliver ultra-fast cooking.

Consider internal capacity. Standard microwave capacities range from 0.5 cu. ft. to over 2.0 cu. ft. The larger the interior, the bigger dishes you can cook in it.

Check warranties. Most brands offer a 1-year limited warranty. Some provide 5-10 years of coverage for the magnetron which ensures it won’t lose power.

Walmart’s Top 5 Microwave Ovens

Here are the key details on five of Walmart’s highest rated and best-selling microwave models to consider.

1. Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB 1.1 Cu. Ft. Microwave

With 1,100 watts of cooking power, this best-selling Farberware is a great budget option under $70. The 1.1 cu. ft. capacity accommodates small meals, and it’s easy to operate with ten power levels and a 99-minute timer. Interior lighting and child lock boost convenience.

Best for: Dorms, apartments, office kitchens

2. Panasonic Genius Sensor Countertop Microwave

This mid-range Panasonic delivers 1,250 watts for excellent cooking performance. The inverter technology ensures consistent heating. The genius sensor adjusts time and power automatically by detecting steam. Other highlights include a keep warm setting, turntable, and child lock.

Best for: Families, frequent cooks

3. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS 0.9 Cu. Ft. Microwave

Toshiba’s 900-watt microwave features one-touch menus and an eco mode to save energy. The 1.2 cubic foot interior fits larger plates with a 10.5 inch turntable. The front is simple to use with a mute function, child lock, and interior lighting.

Best for: Couples, basic cooking needs

4. BLACK+DECKER 0.7 Cu. Ft. Digital Microwave

This budget-friendly Black & Decker has 700 watts of power for reheating and basic cooking. The streamlined front panel has touchpad controls and ten power levels. The 0.7 cu. ft. capacity works for small spaces. It also has a kitchen timer and child lock.

Best for: Dorms, office kitchens

5. Galanz 0.9 Cu. Ft. Retro Countertop Microwave

Galanz designed this stylish microwave with old-school appeal and modern 1,000 watts of power. The 0.9 cu. ft. capacity allows for small meals. It’s simple to operate with a classic dial control and express cooking options. The retro red display provides a dose of nostalgia.

Best for: Anyone wanting a unique, vintage-look model

Answers to Common Microwave Questions

Still uncertain which features are right for you? Here are answers to some frequently asked microwave buying questions.

What size microwave do I need?

For one or two people, a 0.7-1.0 cu. ft. microwave will meet most needs. Larger families will want to look at 1.5 cu. ft. or more capacity.

What wattage is best?

900-1000 watts is powerful enough for most basic to moderate cooking tasks. Higher wattage around 1200+ watts does provide ultra-fast cooking though.

Are cheap microwaves any good?

Basic microwaves $60-80 offer solid performance for reheating and limited cooking. Just don’t expect a lot of special features. Focus on wattage and size.

What should I look for in a microwave?

Key factors are cooking power (watts), capacity, power levels, ease of use with the controls, useful cooking functions like sensor reheat or defrosting, and the warranty.

Do microwaves lose power over time?

The microwave itself doesn’t lose power, but the magnetron component does wear out over 5-10 years. Higher-priced models often have longer magnetron warranties.

Is it better to get a microwave with a turntable?

Yes, having an interior turntable provides more even cooking results as it rotates the food. Nearly every standard countertop microwave has one.

How do I choose between dial vs. push button controls?

If you want simplicity, dial controls are very intuitive and remind you of older models. Push buttons offer more options but can sometimes get complex.

What safety features should I look for?

Child safety lock, non-slip feet or mounting capability, grab handle or opening, and auto shut-off are useful safety features to have in a microwave.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Finding the perfect microwave ultimately comes down to your cooking needs, available space, and budget. Now that you know what to look for, deciding between the options at Walmart will be much less intimidating.

Focus on identifying a model with adequate power, interior capacity, and ease of use. Refer to Walmart’s top-rated products and best-selling models to narrow down your choices. And don’t hesitate to ask an associate if you need any guidance.

With these tips in mind, we’re confident you’ll bring home the ideal microwave oven to meet all your cooking needs. Here’s to quick delicious meals and reheated leftovers! Just don’t get so mesmerized by that hypnotic spinning plate you let your food get cold.
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