Bringing the Best Home: How to Choose a Viking Range Hood for Your Kitchen

As any chef knows, a Viking range signifies culinary excellence. But did you know Viking also makes exceptional range hoods that match their pro-level ranges?

With ultra quiet operation, powerful airflow, attractive designs, and smart features, Viking range hoods enable you to experience true professional performance in your home kitchen.

This guide provides tips to select the ideal Viking range hood model for your cooking needs and space. We’ll review the top 5 recommended Viking hoods, must-have features, installation factors, and answer frequent buying questions.

Let’s find the perfect Viking range hood to create your own luxurious home cooking environment!

Key Considerations When Choosing a Viking Range Hood

Viking range hoods deliver superb quality and capabilities. Keep these factors in mind when selecting:

Determine required airflow (CFM). Viking offers 600 to 1400 CFM range hoods to match any kitchen. Larger kitchens and commercial ranges need 1000+ CFM for powerful ventilation. But even their lower CFM models move more air than competitors.

Measure your space. Both wall-mount chimney and island styles available. Check height, width, and depth to ensure an ideal fit above your stove or cooktop.

Mind the noise level. Thanks to insulated commercial-grade motors, Viking range hoods operate at a quiet 2 to 4 sones even at the highest speed. You can have a conversation effortlessly while cooking!

All Viking range hoods are ducted. They must be vented outside, which requires professional ductwork installation in most homes. This optimizes fresh air.

Premium features come standard. Commercial-grade baffle filters, multi-speed fans, LED lighting and more. Many choices like LINUS technology, remote controls, infrared bulbs.

Consider professional installation. Viking highly recommends using a trained installer due to electrical capacity and ducting requirements, unless you are very experienced.

Here are the Viking range hood models that consistently earn top marks from luxury homeowners and chefs:

1. Viking Outdoor Series VEO1400 – Spectacular Island Model with 1400 CFM

Designed for outdoor kitchens, this weather resistant island mount Viking range hood provides an unbelievable 1400 CFM of smoke-clearing power with near silent 3.5 sone operation. The perfect centerpiece for ambitious al fresco cooking.

2. Viking Professional VII1100 – Elite 1100 CFM Wall-Mount Chimney Hood

With surgical-grade 1100 CFM from dual internal blowers and sophisticated style, this chimney style Viking range hood makes an imposing professional statement. At only 2 sones, it’s astonishingly quiet too. The LED lighting provides dramatic illumination over any range.

3. Viking Custom Series CI1100 – Smart 1100 CFM Range Hood with LINUS Technology

This custom Viking range hood adapts its airflow when you start cooking thanks to smart LINUS technology. The elegant design, illuminated accents, and barely-there 2.5 sone operation at full 1100 CFM speed complement both contemporary and traditional luxury kitchen designs beautifully.

4. Viking Professional Series VI1030 – Curved Glass 1030 CFM Wall-Mount Range Hood

The gorgeous curved glass and stainless design of this Viking wall-mount range hood will make an impressive focal point in your kitchen. The commercial-grade 1030 CFM motor powers through smoke and odor quietly at 3.5 sones or less. Baffle filters come standard.

5. Viking Professional Series VI600600 CFM Wall-Mount Range Hood

This streamlined 600 CFM Viking range hood delivers quality airflow and filtration in a sleek wall-mount style, making it an excellent option for home chefs. While affordably priced for the Viking line, it still provides hushed, variable speed blower performance through a multi-layered filtration system.

Answers to Frequently Asked Viking Range Hood Questions

What CFM level is best for a Viking range hood at home?

For most home kitchens, a 600-800 CFM Viking model will sufficiently meet airflow needs. Professional chefs and larger spaces benefit from 1000+ CFM models.

Are Viking hoods super quiet even at maximum speed?

Yes, Viking range hoods use commercial-grade, insulated motors so they only produce 2-4 sones of sound even at the highest setting. Barely noticeable while cooking!

What special features do Viking range hoods offer?

High-end touches like infrared LINUS technology that adapts to your cooking, interior accent lighting, remote controls, and professional-style design. Durability is also unmatched.

Can I order a Viking range hood in custom colors?

Most models come in a variety of stainless finishes, but some designs allow matching other Viking appliance colors in your kitchen like burgundy, black, white, etc.

Is professional installation worth the added cost?

Viking strongly recommends professional installation given the electrical and ductwork modifications required in most homes. This optimizes safety and performance.

Do Viking range hoods increase resale value?

Yes, Viking range hoods are viewed as luxury appointments that add desirability and home value for potential buyers, much like a premium stove. It signals quality.

Make a Bold Culinary Statement

Creating an upscale home chef’s kitchen calls for ultra-premium appliances like a Viking range hood. From the velvety quiet airflow to the statement-making design, you’ll love the refined environment a Viking hood provides as you cook.

Use this guide to zero in on the right CFM power and features for your cooking habits. Consider enlisting a professional installer to ensure optimal configuration. Viking range hoods fuse professional capabilities, sophistication, and lasting quality to help any home cook pursue kitchen mastery.
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